Myanmar ethnic groups

M’Kaang, Makann or Kang

Name: Yon Seen

Age: 86

From: North Quarter Mindat

Job: Housewife and Musician


Population: approx. 30.000 the whole K’cho Chin community, including to Müün, M’Kaang and Daai clans.

Religion: Roman Catholic Christians, Baptists and some animists.

History: They come from India and Bangladesh and they are members of Tibeto-Burman family.

The word K’cho refers to the surname of the King who built Chou Dynasty. Women of the three K’cho clans are famous because they got tattooed their faces. This practice began in 19th century to avoid that the Kings took her as a sexual slaves.

The M’Kaangs are distributed mainly in the towns of Mindat, Kanpetlet, Saw, in the Valley of Yaw, Paletwa, Matupi in Chin and Minpya in Rakhine State.