Kinn Hong. CHIN

Chin or Zomi (ချင်းလူမျိုး)

Name: Kinn Hong

Age: 52

From: Mindat

Job: Butcher

Population: about 2 millions

Religion: Christians Baptists. Traditionally, the Chin were animists but due to the work of Arthur E. Carson a Baptist missioner, many converted to Christianity in 1899.

History: The Chins are found mainly in western part of Burma (Chin State). They also live in the nearby Indian states of Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur and Assam. A small group of individuals from Mizoram claimed that they are one of the lost tribes of Israel.

The Chin people are one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Burma. The Chin people have Tibeto-Burman origins. The Chin probably came to Burma, especially to the Chindwin valley, in the late 9th century AD or 10th. They moved westward and probably they settled the present Chin State around 1300-1400.

The Chin are divided in 53 ethnic subgroups and 43 different languages.