Bamar or Burmans (ဗမာလူမျိုး)

Name: Yoka

Age: 42

From: Meikthila

Job: Rickshaw driver


Population: approx. 28 millions

Religion: Buddhism

History: They come from Yunnan, China and they speak Sino-Tibetan called Burmese. Today, they are the political, economic and religious leaders of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

The Bamar live in central plains of Burma, one of the most fertile areas to the whole country. Today, the Burmese army maintains forcible control over the ethnic groups which want equal importance in the government and in the commerce. There are a lot of rebel groups spread across the country; consequently, the Burmese have lived in a constant state of instability, defense, bitterness and fear.

They migrated from Yunnan in China into the Irrawaddy River valley in Upper Burma about 1200–1500 years ago. They have largely replaced the Mon and the earlier Pyu, ethnic groups which dominated the Ayeyarwady Valley formerly.

The Burmese do not recognize clans or lineages and they are monogamous.